Cloud native

Cloud Native is a term referring to software applications or services developed from the ground up to take advantage of cloud computing architectures and to be deployed in cloud-based infrastructures. The term was coined by hackers, DevOps practitioners, and system architects when they set out to design distributed and efficient architectures for developing software applications.

Unlike traditional applications that require installation, cloud native applications are designed to be deployed in cloud based infrastructures and can be managed by an independent cloud services provider such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Cloud native applications benefit from the flexibility of cloud infrastructure in terms of scalability, performance, and cost savings.

Cloud native architectures are built upon open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack, and others. The technology is used in areas such as DevOps automation, application delivery, and cloud infrastructure automation. It enables developers to quickly and easily develop, deploy, and maintain applications. It is also used for continuous integration and delivery, allowing developers to rapidly deliver and maintain software applications.

The popularity of cloud native technology has grown steadily over the years, as more organizations have shifted to using cloud infrastructure as well as microservices and container-based solutions for their development needs. Cloud native applications can be deployed across hybrid or public cloud environments.

Cloud native technology has been used to develop and deploy a wide range of applications such as web and mobile apps, analytics platforms, machine learning solutions, and distributed systems. Its widespread use has been enabled by the availability of cloud native services and tools in the cloud computing market.

Cloud native solutions enable organizations to remain competitive while reducing IT costs and ensuring scalability and security. With the introduction of Kubernetes, organizations now have the capabilities to run cloud native applications on any cloud infrastructure, allowing them to explore new solutions and develop innovative products and services.

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