Command & control (C&C)

Command & control (C&C), also known as communications control and management, is a type of centralized authority used for managing distributed and remote systems. It is commonly used in data centers, network operations, and various other computing infrastructures. In a C&C system, mainframes, independent servers, clusters, and other distributed resources are supervised and managed by a central managing authority.

C&C systems enable multiple resources to be administered and managed in a unified manner. This allows for easier maintenance and increased productivity, as different tasks can be managed from a single console or other unified command interface. As the complexity of managing multiple distributed resources increases, C&C systems become more important.

C&C systems can be implemented in many ways, depending on the requirements of the organization. For example, they can be manual in the form of a phone-tree, or they can be automated, such as using scripts or a distributed management tool. These systems can be used to control access to data, manage devices in a network, monitor system performance, and many other tasks.

In the modern age, C&C systems are used on a large scale, as they can efficiently automate tasks and enable management of entire networks. For instance, some organizations use C&C to manage multiple distributed systems in private and public clouds, as well as in edge computing networks. In addition to managing distributed systems, C&C systems can also be used to control access to data and resources, allow for easier backup and recovery, and provide centralized security management.

Overall, command & control (C&C) is an important type of architecture used for managing distributed and remote systems. It allows for simpler maintenance, increased productivity, improved security, and better access control. As organizations manage more distributed applications and systems, C&C systems become increasingly important in managing these resources.

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