Compromised is a term used within the computer security field that describes a system whose security has been violated or infiltrated. This can be the result of malicious intent, such as a hacker gaining access to an unsecured system, or simply the result of vulnerable software or hardware that can easily be exploited. In either case, the system is considered to be compromised and is typically said to have been ‘hacked’.

Once a system has been identified as compromised, it is important that the vulnerable system is rectified so as to ensure continued system security. This can be done by patching the system to the most up-to-date software version or, in the case of hardware, replacing the vulnerable part with a secure one. In some cases, the only available solution is to rebuild the system from scratch, ensuring complete security by effectively starting fresh.

The effects of a system being compromised can vary greatly depending on the intent of the hacker or infiltrator. Usually the effects are related to loss or theft of confidential user data, which can range from account credentials to confidential financial information. In the more severe cases, the hacker may be able to gain complete control of the system, allowing them to manipulate the system to their own ends.

Regardless of the intent or effects, a system that has been compromised should not be taken lightly. Even if there is no immediate risk, it is important that the system is secured quickly and efficiently to prevent a recurrence of the event. It is also wise to take further steps towards better security, such as implementing a comprehensive system audit.

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