Container is a general term used to describe an encapsulation of code, or an executable unit. They are a form of self-contained software units that allow developers to easily and efficiently deploy applications inside a secure environment.

Containers combine multiple separate application components, libraries, and configurations into a single, self-contained unit. These are usually installed on a Linux or Windows host operating system and are completely isolated from the host. This makes them an effective way of building, deploying, and running distributed applications that can be quickly deployed and redeployed as needed.

A container consists of 3 basic components: an operating system, an application server, and the container itself. The container operates in a virtual environment and provides an isolated environment to store the application. The application is typically packaged as a docker container, and this isolates the application from its dependencies by creating its own environment. This environment ensures that the application can be deployed in a consistent manner, and allows the application to run efficiently without interruption.

Containers have become the preferred choice for developers when building and deploying applications since they provide an efficient, cost effective, and secure way of deploying applications. Containers are especially useful for web applications, which can be deployed quickly and easily. They are also helpful for rapid prototyping, since they allow developers to quickly develop and test applications without having to worry about the environment in which the application is running.

Containers also provide a platform for cloud-native applications. This means that the application can run on a cloud environment, allowing developers to easily scale their application with ease. Furthermore, containers provide a more secure and reliable method of deploying applications, compared to VMs (Virtual Machines) or other forms of virtualization.

Containers are used in a variety of applications, from web-based applications to virtualized environments. They are particularly popular among developers thanks to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Containers are also rapidly gaining popularity thanks to the rise of containerization, where systems are completely containerized for ease of deployment and scalability.

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