Full Duplex is a type of communication that allows a device to send outgoing signals and receive incoming signals at the same time. It is often referred to as two-way communication. It is distinct from Half Duplex which is one-way communication, where only one device can send a signal at a time and others can only receive it. Full Duplexing is an important aspect of networking since it allows for more efficient communication.

Full Duplex is the transmission of information simultaneously in two directions over a single communication line. The line is bi-directional so that both the devices can not only send information but also simultaneously receive information. Full Duplex is used by communication systems such as those operating in telephones, digital audios, and computer communications.

The advantages of Full Duplex are that due to bi-directional transmission, the communication is faster and more efficient. Thus, it is possible to achieve higher data transfer rates, improved transmission reliability, and higher efficiency due to less transmission delays. Furthermore, both transmission and reception can be done without movement or effort from the user.

The disadvantages of Full Duplex are the higher cost of infrastructure and potential for interference. Full Duplex may require more equipment than Half Duplex since the transmission line needs to provide for both transmissions at the same time without interference. Additionally, interference between the transmission lines may reduce the overall transmission rate or result in noise in the signal.

Full Duplex is an integral part of computer networking since it allows multiple users to transmit information simultaneously. It is often used in combination with other networking practices such as switching and hubbing in order to make a robust and efficient networking system.

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