Griefing is a term used to describe the practice of using computer gaming to cause intentional harm and disruption to other players. It is an emerging form of malicious behavior in online gaming, and exists as either targeted harassment, or the malicious use of game exploits.

The practice of griefing is often referred to as “player killing,” or “trolling.” Griefing can range from relatively harmless pranks to targeted harassment or malicious exploits. Players who purposefully try to imped the progress and enjoyment of other players are known as “griefers.” Examples of griefing behavior include: creating high obstacles for players to maneuver around; creating false objectives in order to distract other players; stealing items or resources from other players; and the use of game exploits to gain an unfair advantage or to cheat in games.

Griefers generally differentiate themselves from other players by using a variety of tactics, including the creation of offensive or disruptive in-game messages, such as insults and hate speech; or deliberately disruptive behaviors, such as flooding chat rooms or forums with spam.

Griefers often implement sophisticated tactics to keep up with current game trends and prevent detection, such as using user profiles and aliases. In some cases, griefers form alliances with other griefers or entice players to join their guild by offering prizes or other advantages.

The matter of griefing has been a growing problem in the gaming community, leading game developers to introduce a number of measures aimed at curbing bad behavior. These measures include in-game filtering, security measures, and suspensions or banishment from the game.

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