Initial access brokers (IABs)

Initial access brokers (IABs) are online vendors of services related to the illegal acquisition of credentials, data, and tools associated with breaching computer systems or networks. IABs usually offer remote access to a target’s system covered with an anonymity guarantee as well as a promise of data safety.

These services, sometimes called “zero days”, represent backdoors to systems that are usually created by highly skilled malicious actors, which are then purchased and sold on a platform. IABs are an important part of the dark web economy, generating millions of dollars in revenue and providing a one-stop route for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive systems and data.

When using IABs, buyers are typically anonymous, and it is very difficult to track the source of the access. As well as being often untraceable, the services are also comparatively cheap when compared to other traditional hacking methods. Services available through IABs include remote access to two-factor authentications, phishing attacks, and the installation of malware or other malicious software. Users can be sure that their activities will never be traced when using IABs due to the layers of encryption provided by the services.

While IABs are an illegal practice, they remain a popular option for gaining access to private data because of their anonymity and cost effectiveness. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated and well equipped with knowledge, techniques and tools, the need for IABs remains strong. It is more important now than ever for organizations and individuals to ensure that they have secure measures in place to protect their data and systems from unauthorized access.

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