Interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard, also known as an IWB, is a type of technology used in the field of education and business, allowing a presentation to be displayed in an interactive way, facilitated by a facilitation tool such as a computer and a projector. It is an interactive screen system which displays digital content that can be used with a fingertip, styluses, dry-erase markers, or other devices. It consists of a whiteboard, a projector, a computer, and a control panel. The whiteboard is typically wall-mounted and has a touchscreen where users use their finger, a stylus, or a pointer. Having a virtual board for presentations as opposed to physical writing makes it easier to erase and manage information.

The purpose of an interactive whiteboard is to facilitate collaborative learning in the classroom or conference room. Teachers and corporate trainers can use the whiteboard to display multimedia content and create visual aids for instruction. It is ideal for creating presentations since multimedia content such as audio, video, and documents can be displayed on the whiteboard using the projector. Presenters can write and draw on the surface of the board, allowing them to create custom graphics and diagrams.

The flexibility of the interactive whiteboard makes it popular with organizations large and small. Businesses and corporations are using it to communicate information and encourage collaboration in the office, while schools use it to promote active learning in the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards have also become popular amongst remote participants, as the board’s capabilities to collaborate online allow teams to share and interact with content from meeting participants all over the globe.

In short, interactive whiteboards are a prime example of how technology is being used to facilitate the conveyance of information and collaboration between people and organizations.

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