JAX (JavaScript X-Ray) is a novel approach to JavaScript debugging pioneered by the team at Venode, Inc. It is a web-based debugger and has been used in production environments for over a decade.

JAX was built with the goal of making debugging more intuitive and efficient. It allows developers to trace and inspect the JavaScript code running on the customer’s web browser as well as inspect the performance and behavior of the code in real-time.

The debugger supports both client-side and server-side JavaScript, JavaScript interactions with HTML and CSS, and the identification of any critical events. It comes with a clean, professional-looking user interface, allowing developers to quickly navigate and identify problem areas.

JAX is often used together with other debugging tools, such as Selenium or Unfurl, to create a complete JavaScript debugging package. This all-in-one solution makes debugging more efficient and intuitive than ever before.

JAX is ideal for any environment involving large-scale JavaScript development, including e-commerce, banking, security, cloud computing, and more. It is used by developers from some of the world’s leading companies, including Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

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