JDBC connection

JDBC Connection is a computer application programming interface (API) that enables Java programs to access data stored in databases. It is a Java Standard Edition (SE) technology developed by Sun Microsystems to connect Java-based applications to a wide variety of databases. It allows developers to write programs that access a database without needing to know the details of the underlying relational database system they are using.

JDBC provides a standard library of classes and interfaces, through which application programs can access a wide range of databases. The JDBC enables applications written in the Java language to execute SQL statements and retrieve result sets, which can be either static (reading data from a database) or dynamic (modifying data in the database).

JDBC is a versatile tool that simplifies the development of database applications by providing a uniform interface for accessing multiple databases. Many distinctly different databases are accessible from JDBC, including IBM DB2, Oracle, mySQL, and other JDBC-compliant databases. For example, the same application can be used to read and write data in both Access and Oracle databases without any changes.

In order to access the database, developers must obtain a “driver” from the vendor of the database being accessed. Once the driver is installed, the programmer can actually use the same code to connect to different databases. Without a driver, the Java code will not be able to access the database.

Overall, JDBC connection is an important technology in the fields of database administration and Java programming. It provides an easy-to-use solution for developers, to access data from multiple databases and make sure that the data is up to date and accurate.

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