Joke programs

Joke programs, also known as “Bonnet Burgers” or “Jokeware,” are computer programs written primarily to amuse users rather than solve a serious computer-related problem. Joke programs usually simulate the behavior of a malicious program, or display humorous images or text on the screen.

In the early days of computing, users often wrote their own joke programs for fun and to show off their programming skills. The first commercial joke program was written in 1978 — the ELK CLOAK – which simulated a malicious attack against a target computer. This program was later renamed to ELIZA, and went on to become a popular computer game.

Today, there are a large variety of joke programs available to download online. Some of these programs are designed to act as a prank, such as the Windows 5 Minute Virus or IE Troubleshooter. Other popular joke programs are designed to provide comic relief such as Star Wars Kid or the original Goat Simulator.

Many joke programs also come included with operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows. These programs are usually hidden away in the Accessories folder, and are designed to provide a quick chuckle for users. Examples of such programs include the Microsoft Solitaire card game or the classic adventure game Lode Runner.

Joke programs are a fun and harmless way to add a bit of humor to one’s computing experience. They serve as a reminder that computers are not just tools for work, but also a great platform for playful experimentation.

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