Juice jacking

Juice jacking is an online security risk wherein an attacker reprograms a USB charging port to transfer malicious software or data from a computer or device and onto the device that is plugged into the port. It is a form of attack which could potentially allow someone to access and manipulate data stored on a device, such as contacts, photos, emails, or financial information.

Juice jacking has become increasingly common, as many public charging ports are found in airports, hotel lobbies, bars, and other public places. To protect users, experts suggest that it is a good idea to use a wall outlet rather than a public USB charging station when available. If that is not an option, it is important to always avoid plugging a device into a USB port unless it is from a trusted source.

Most mobile devices offer a feature called “USB Restricted Mode,” which helps mitigate the risk of juice jacking if enabled. USB Restricted Mode disables data access when a device is plugged into a USB port, ensuring that malicious code cannot be transferred onto the device.

It is important to be aware of the danger of juice jacking and take proactive steps to protect against it. Remember to only use public charging ports from trusted vendors, and enable “USB Restricted Mode” to protect the data stored on your device.

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