Keyboard is an input device which is used in many computer applications. It consists of buttons or keys that the user can press to manipulate the computer. The layout and design of keyboards varies, depending on the intended use and the application.

Most standard computer keyboards have keys for specific numbers, letters (which are also grouped according to their function, i.e. punctuation or symbols), and other control and navigation keys such as the function keys and arrow keys. The typing of text with a keyboard is known as keyboarding or typing.

Keyboards may be considered ergonomic as they can be used without any strain and are designed to minimize the fatigue the user experiences from long typing sessions. Many keyboards also have wrist rests and other features to reduce the strain on the user’s wrists and hands.

Some keyboards include a number pad which can be used for entering numerical data. Office keyboards include additional keys for functions such as opening and closing documents, printing, modifying text, and formatting text.

Keyboards are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including ergonomic and mini-sized models for use in tight spaces. Many keyboards are also programmable, allowing users to customize the keys to perform specific tasks.

Newer keyboards have multimedia keys for controlling media applications such as music players. Wireless keyboards are also available, which use infrared or Bluetooth to connect to the computer, eliminating the need for cables.

Most modern keyboards come in either USB or PS/2 connections, and each type has its own advantages and drawbacks. USB keyboards can be plugged and unplugged without turning off the computer, while PS/2 keyboards require the computer to be turned off.

Keyboard is an essential tool in many everyday tasks such as data entry, text writing or programming, and it can also be used in gaming. As technology advances, the design and features of keyboards will continue to evolve, providing users with the best input solution.

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