Keystream, also known as a keystream generator, is a type of algorithm used for generating an endless sequence of bytes, known as a keystream. Keystreams are used in cryptography to create digital signatures for verifying a secure connection.

Keystreams use cryptographic algorithms to enable data encryption, which helps protect digital information from unauthorized access. This makes keystreams an essential element of any secure system, from wireless internet connections to internal computer networks.

The keystream algorithm takes an initial value known as a seed and then generates a long sequence of random bits, the output being referred to as a keystream. Each bit of the keystream is generated by an iterative process that combines the seed with the value of the previous bit in the keystream. This process ensures that each bit is unique, and that it cannot be predicted easily.

A keystream generator can be used to produce cryptographic keys, as well as digital signatures for verifying an encrypted message. In order to protect data against eavesdroppers, keystreams are typically combined with a variety of cryptographic protocols, such as Diffie-Hellman key exchange (or DHKE). The combination of keystreams, DHKE, and cryptographic algorithms makes up the backbone of modern security protocols.

Keystream generators are essential elements of any secure system, as they are used to verify data integrity and protect confidential information from unauthorized access. They are also essential components of secure internet protocols such as SSL and TLS, as they enable encrypted communication between servers and clients.

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