Keystroke, in computer technology, is the act of typing on a keyboard to enter text, characters or symbols into a computing device. Keystrokes are a vital aspect of data entry, used by individuals and businesses to input data such as text, numbers, images, commands, and more. Keystrokes are felt through the fingertips and actuated by the user’s muscle power.

The number of keystrokes required to perform a task can vary, depending on the availability of shortcuts or macros. Depending on the specific devices, keystrokes may involve different scancodes or codepoints. For example, while most modern keyboards produce alphabetic characters, other devices such as the numeric keypad and the function keys create other codepoints.

In addition to data entry, keystrokes are also important for the users in terms of input feedback, such as key clicks and tones. Feedback, in the form of sound and tactile feedback, can aid in providing an indication of the accuracy of key presses, and can also be useful in distinguishing input from an external noise.

Other keystrokes may be used for cursor movement or special commands. Movement keystrokes such as the arrow keys are used to move the cursor around the computer screen, while command keystrokes such as control, shift, and alt are used to activate certain functions.

Keystrokes are still used today, and being aware of their function and purpose is indispensable to the world of computing. Whether it’s data entry or command activation, keystrokes are a powerful tool in computer technology.

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