MacOS (formerly Mac OS X and OS X) is an operating system developed and designed by Apple Inc. exclusively for their Macintosh computers. It is based on the Unix operating system kernel, and has been designed to work with various Apple hardware and software products. Beginning with Mac OS 8, MacOS has been the only operating system software offered with Apple hardware, and has continuously evolved since then.

MacOS is the second most popular operating system worldwide for desktop computers, behind Windows. It is known for its intuitive graphical user interface, reliable browse and search capabilities, excellent support for dozens of languages, and its security features which are unmatched in other operating systems.

MacOS is used by millions of people worldwide, for both personal computing and business purposes. It is used extensively by professional graphic artists, musicians, software developers, and web designers. Its user-friendly interface, support for industry-standard tools, and solid performance has made it popular among home users as well.

MacOS is also known for its excellent support for software applications and services developed by third-party developers. Software and services available for MacOS include office suites, photo and video editing software, games, educational software, online banking and financial services, and much more.

MacOS is continually being updated and improved with timely patches and new features from Apple. It is also supported by a large online community of both professionals and home users, who regularly contribute suggestions and provide technical support.

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