Man-in-the-Browser (MitB)

Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) is a type of malicious computer software attack in which a malicious user gains access to a user’s session to perform actions without the user’s knowledge. It is one of the most dangerous forms of malware and can be used to steal personal and/or financial information and commit identity theft.

In an MitB attack, a third-party malicious user is able to gain access to a user’s session. The malicious user is then able to monitor an active browser session, intercepting and altering data that is sent and received. This creates a “man-in-the-middle” scenario, where the malicious user is “in the middle” of the communication between the user and the website they are visiting.

MitB attacks are difficult to detect, as the malicious user masquerades as the legitimate user, making it appear as if the user is interacting with the website in the usual manner. The malicious user also has the capability to modify and inject malicious code into the website that the user is visiting. This code can then be used to capture financial or personal data or to launch new attacks.

MitB exploits security vulnerabilities in web browsers, browser plug-ins, and operating systems. It is important to keep all applications up-to-date and to avoid clicking on links from unknown sources and to never enter personal or financial information into a website that you are not sure is legitimate. Additionally, using a reputable and up-to-date anti-virus software can help to reduce the risk of Man-in-the-Browser attacks.

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