Skimming, also known as surface reading, is a method of quickly scanning written text in order to get a better understanding of the material. Skimming is used to quickly scan through material that is long and complex, without needing to read the entire text. This method can be used to evaluate written material for knowledge, relevance, and other purposes.

Skimming is a useful strategy when dealing with large amounts of data and complex technical information. It enables the reader to understand the text more quickly and make judgements about the relevant points without having to read every word. It’s also useful when researching a topic, as the skimmer can quickly assess the content and determine the relevant and important points.

When skimming through a text, the reader should pay attention to the headings and subheadings, be aware of the language used in the text, look for key words and phrases, and try to point out the main ideas in the text. The reader should also be aware of any facts and figures that may be mentioned, as well as any diagrams or charts.

Skimming is a great way to gain a better understanding of a text and to evaluate its usefulness. It is a valuable strategy to use when reviewing textbooks and other long and complex documents.

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