SOCKS is a common computer networking protocol. It is used to provide a layer of security and privacy between two or more computers. It can be used to forward data between computers or networks over the internet.

SOCKS is an acronym for Socket Secure Protocol. It was originally created at the University of Alaska in 1988, for the purpose of allowing networked computers to communicate securely with each other. SOCKS was initially used to provide a proxy layer to bridge various networks.

SOCKS works by providing a layer of indirection between the client and the server. When the protocol is enabled, the client establishes a connection with the SOCKS server. All network communications from the client then go through the SOCKS server, which in turn communicates with the intended destination.

SOCKS can be used in a variety of settings, from corporate networks to home networks. It can be used to protect individuals from malicious or unauthorized network traffic. It is also used to facilitate network access by mobile workers.

The protocol is also used for VPNs, which provides additional security by encrypting communications between the client and the server. It is also used in conjunction with network-layer firewalls to provide access control and authorization.

SOCKS is an effective way to secure network communications, particularly when it is used in conjunction with other technologies such as VPNs and firewalls. It is a popular choice among businesses and individuals who need to ensure the security of their network traffic.

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