Source code

Source code is the set of instructions, written in a programming language, that make up a computer program. It is the step-by-step instructions a computer follows to carry out a task. Source code is written by a programmer in a programming language, such as Java or C++. It is then compiled into a machine readable format called object code. This object code can then be executed by the computer.

Source code is a very important part of computer programming. It is what makes a program run and with it a programmer can create very complex tasks. By changing individual lines of code, a programmer can often find ways to make a program faster, more efficient, or more secure.

Source code is usually stored in text files, which can be edited using text editors or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). These text files can then be compiled into an executable program. Most programming languages have libraries of pre-written source code than can be used in the program.

Source code is the heart of a computer program and without it, running a program on your computer would not be possible.

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