SQL injection

SQL Injection is a type of computer attack wherein an attacker inserts malicious code into a web based application to gain access to confidential or sensitive information stored in the underlying database. It is a type of injection attack, wherein the attacker injects malicious SQL (Structured Query Language) commands into the database in order to gain access to confidential or sensitive data. This type of attack is especially relevant in web applications, because the web servers are usually connected to databases that contain confidential or sensitive data.

In a SQL injection attack, the attacker manipulates the automated web application in order to gain access to the database. This can be done by entering malicious code into the web form field or URL parameters that will be used by the web application to query the database. If successful, the attacker can gain access to the database and can read, modify, or delete any data contained within it.

Due to the fact that most web applications are connected to databases, SQL injection is a serious security threat. Thus, it is important to take appropriate precautions to prevent such attacks. Some measures that can be taken include input validation (which ensures that only valid data is sent to the web server) and parameterized queries (which ensure that the data is not interpreted as part of the SQL command). Additionally, web application firewalls can also be used to detect and prevent SQL injection attacks.

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