Suspicious activity

Suspicious activity, in the context of computer security, is any type of activity that looks suspicious from a user’s perspective. Such activity may include clicking on links or downloading files from unfamiliar websites, signing up for services without authorisation, installing software without using appropriate security measures, or submitting information to unknown sources. It is important to detect such suspicious activities as it can potentially lead to security breaches, identity theft or malicious attacks.

Suspicious activities could also include sending or receiving large numbers of emails in a short period of time and using abnormal amounts of server resources for undisclosed reasons. Such suspicious activities can be easily identified when they occur on a network or system continuously.

In addition to network and system monitoring, some security products also provide tools to look for signs of suspicious activity. These tools may detect suspicious patterns or events that could indicate an intrusion, such as an increase in outbound traffic or requests from a single source or the installation of new software.

Suspicious activity is often reported to the relevant authorities or law enforcement agencies. Depending on the nature of the activity, investigators may take action against the individual or organisation responsible.

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