Table is a data structure in computing. It is composed of rows (also known as records) and columns (also known as fields) of information. A single row of information is comprised of multiple columns of related values, such as names, prices, or addresses. Tables are widely used in databases, spreadsheets, and other applications to store and manipulate data.

Tables are particularly useful when it comes to organizing complex data. They enable the collection, organization, and manipulation of data in an intuitive and efficient way. By organizing information in a table, one can quickly sort and filter the data according to specific criteria. Tables also provide a simple way of viewing and manipulating large amounts of data.

Tables can be created in most spreadsheet programs, database applications, as well as the HTML and XHTML programming languages. They can also be created using the Structured Query Language (SQL).

Tables are used for many different purposes and serve an important role in modern computing. They allow for the organization and storage of data that can be repeatedly accessed and manipulated. They are also used to create visualizations and graphs. In addition, tables can be used to generate reports and embed interactive elements, such as navigation links, into web pages.

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