Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is an active approach to cyber security that proactively attempts to detect and assess advanced threats. Unlike traditional approaches that rely heavily on defensive measures, threat hunting is a continual process of searching for adversary activity that may already be present in a system. This activity is often launched by malicious actors, such as attackers using malware, ransomware, and other attacks, and is done in order to gain unauthorized access into networks and systems. The goal of threat hunting is to detect and respond to these suspicious activities in order to mitigate the impact of a malicious intrusion.

Threat hunting is a comprehensive process that involves a wide range of techniques and approaches. It begins with reconnaissance, which refers to the gathering of data about a particular system or network. Also included in the process is the assessment of this data to identify weaknesses and areas of potential attack. Upon the discovery of any suspicious activity, a threat hunter will then initiate a detailed investigation into the malicious activity, in order to better understand the nature of the attack. Finally, the threat hunter will deploy countermeasures in order to prevent further damage and respond to the attack.

Threat hunting is an important part of any cybersecurity strategy, as it allows organizations to detect and respond to malicious activity before an attacker is able to take full advantage of their situation. Additionally, the process can also help an organization better understand and prepare for potential future attacks.

In today’s landscape of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, threat hunting has become an essential component of the defense and security of networks. As such, many organizations are investing in various threat hunting tools and solutions in order to ensure the best possible protection of their networks.

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