Tor browser

Tor Browser is a web browser developed by the Tor Project and specifically designed to protect the user’s privacy and anonymity while surfing the web. It is based on Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) and utilizes the Tor network to protect user’s online privacy. The Tor network is comprised of volunteer-run servers that pass data traffic through several randomly-selected relay nodes so that neither the sender nor the receiver can be traced or monitored.

The Tor Browser is available for most major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and android and iOS mobile devices. The browser also supports IPv4, IPv6, and various proxy protocols. The browser features a built-in Instant Messaging client, integrated HTTPS Everywhere, and an advanced toolbar that allows users to easily access the Tor Network for secure browsing. Additionally, it implements a number of security measures such as preventing websites from tracking user’s activities, blocking scripts and cookies by default, and forcing all connections for networks to be TLS 1.0 only.

The Tor Browser also comes with an add-on called NoScript, which prevents malicious scripts from running on websites and keeps users safe from potential attacks. Additionally, the Tor Browser includes several helpful features such as a Password Manager, a Secure Download Manager, a Popup-blocker, and more.

Overall, the Tor Browser is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to surf the web in a more secure and anonymous manner. With its built-in security and privacy features, the Tor Browser provides the user with the means to surf the web in privacy, without leaving any traceable evidence.

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