Urban legend

Urban legend, or urban myth, is an unverified story or rumor that is spread rapidly and widely via word of mouth, online or other means of communication. Originating from and circulating within the tech community, urban legends often have a kernel of truth surrounded by a mystery, conspiracy theory or other fantastical element.

Urban legends often become popular because of their appeal to our sense of mystery and our need to fill the gaps in our knowledge. Though they may contain elements of truth, these stories are usually exaggerated or false, and they often contain lessons about a specific industry, individual or situation.

One example of a popular urban legend within the tech community is the story of the “eBay scammer.” According to this legend, someone who buys an item on eBay will send an email or letter to the seller asking for their money back due to an unforeseen family tragedy. If the seller complies with the request, the buyer will then proceed to resell the item elsewhere for more money. This story, though dramatic and thrilling to consider, has been mostly debunked due to its lack of factual evidence.

Urban legends have been used throughout the tech community as cautionary tales and for entertainment purposes, as well as to spread rumors or gossip about specific people, products or companies. Though it can be impossible to determine the authenticity of these stories, it is important to keep in mind that they are not always true.

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