Virus is a malicious software program that, when executed, replicates itself and spread itself from computer to computer. It has the ability to corrupt or delete data on a computer, use the computer’s resources, access private information and even send itself to other computers.

In general, the term “virus” is used to refer to malware that is often spread over networks using emails, downloads, and malicious links. Viruses can also be spread by physical media such as USB drives and CDs, or even by Bluetooth connections.

Recently, malicious software has become significantly more sophisticated, with hackers using complex techniques to exploit vulnerable systems and deliver threats such as ransomware, spyware, and adware.

When a computer is infected by a virus, the malicious code runs on the computer’s hardware, and can cause a range of problems including slowing down the computer, corrupting data, sending spam emails, and stealing personal information. In some cases, a computer can become so infected that it has to be shut down and reinstalled.

Viruses are difficult to detect and often have to be removed using anti-virus software or anti-malware tools. Some viruses can also be spread through file sharing websites, and so it’s important to be very careful when downloading files from unverified sources.

To protect your computer from being infected with viruses or other malicious software, it’s important to use strong passwords, avoid opening suspicious emails, download software from trustworthy websites, and install anti-virus software. It’s also important to keep your software and systems up to date, as these updates can often provide critical security patches.

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