WASP (Web Application Security Platform) is an integrated suite of solutions providing organizations with the ability to protect against web-based threats. The platform includes an assortment of services adapted to fit a variety of security needs, ranging from clean-room security testing to continuous vulnerability monitoring. WASP was developed to accelerate and simplify the process of finding and closing security vulnerabilities generated by web applications.

The WASP platform offers an array of solutions designed to shore up web-based security measures. These solutions include application code review, secure code analysis, and system evaluation. Application code review is conducted to identify security vulnerabilities in an application’s source code, helping prevent attacks exploiting such flaws. Secure code analysis is designed to identify and correct insecure coding practices, while system evaluations evaluate the application security posture with a view towards identifying and remediating potential vulnerabilities.

The WASP platform also provides a suite of security services designed to help organizations maintain a secure environment. These services include security event log analysis, patch management, intrusion detection, and security scanning. Security event log analysis can provide a real-time view of potential security threats, allowing for timely remediation. Patch management identifies and delivers critical security patches to help protect systems from malicious exploits. Intrusion detection detects and reduces the impact of attacks by monitoring network traffic and identifying potential malicious activity. Finally, security scanning is used to locate open ports that may be vulnerable to attack.

Overall, WASP provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to reduce, mitigate, and manage web-based security threats. The platform is designed to simplify the implementation of security within organizations and allow security teams to respond quickly and efficiently to identified threats. With its range of services, WASP is an integral part of any organization’s security strategy.

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