Web skimmer

A web skimmer, also known as a network skimmer, is a type of malicious software (malware) specifically designed to illicitly extract data from web browsers. It intercepts and captures any personal or confidential information entered into webpages, such as credit card numbers, passwords, bank account details, or other sensitive information. The malicious actors behind web skimmers use this information for financial gain or other criminal activity.

Web skimmers typically leverage vulnerabilities in web applications to compromise web servers and client computers. The malware creates a hidden iframe on the infected webpage which then sends the collected data back to the attacker through a distribution network. By using commonly-used frameworks, such as jQuery and AngularJS, these malicious scripts are able to bypass the built-in browser security, such as XSS and CSP protections.

Once the data is acquired, the malware can store it in a database or text file on the web server, as well as exfiltrate it to a remote server, making it difficult to detect. Furthermore, as the malware code is usually hidden inside the code of legitimate websites, it is difficult for antivirus programs to detect.

The best means of protection against web skimmers is downloading the latest security patches from a trusted source and applying them to all connected devices. This action will help protect users from becoming victims of web skimmer fraud. Additionally, users should consider using multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all online accounts and regularly monitor them for suspicious activity.

Overall, web skimmer is a dangerous form of malware which is designed to steal confidential information from web applications. To protect users’ information from being compromised, it is best to install the latest security patches, use MFA for all online accounts and constantly monitor them for suspicious activity.

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