Whack-a-mole is a computer game that involves repeatedly clicking on multiple moving targets, often represented by cartoon moles popping out of the ground. The game is usually played on a touchscreen device or portable console with several moles appearing at random intervals.

The player must quickly click on the moles before they disappear, while avoiding hitting any of the surrounding blank areas. The player will often receive different points for each mole they hit, and their score will accumulate as they complete each level.

The game first became popular in arcades, and later spread to console gaming systems, especially handheld gaming platforms. The game is often seen in “skill-related” arcades and carnival booths.

The game has become increasingly popular as an online game. It has been adapted to some browsers as an online game of reflexes and reaction time. There are also numerous versions for mobile phones. In its more modern incarnation, the game often features colorful graphics and other themes such as violence, minigames, or missions.

The game is popular among children and adults alike. Its simple concept of reflexes and reaction time makes it suitable for all ages and skill levels. It is often seen in family-friendly arcades, providing hours of endless fun.

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