Wireless is a type of technology that refers to data communication between two or more devices without any physical connection, such as wires, cables, or cords. It is also known as Wi-Fi, or “wireless fidelity,” which is a general term used to describe products that are based on the IEEE 802.11 standards.

Wireless technology allows for communication between devices without the need for physical connections, eliminating the need to install wires, cables, and other physical components. This has become much more popular in recent years, especially in the domain of consumer electronics, due to its convenience and reduced installation time.

Wireless networks can be used to transmit data over short distances (such as between two computers or tablets in the same room) or very long distances (such as between a smartphone and a wireless router). The range of a wireless network is determined by the type of wireless signal used and the strength of the radio signal. In most cases, wireless networks can be used to access the Internet.

Wireless technologies are generally broken down into two categories:

• Wi-Fi: The IEEE 802.11 standards specify the technology for communication between devices that are in close physical proximity to each other, as well as for communication over large distances. Wi-Fi networks are typically used to access the internet and can support different types of data, such as streaming audio and video.

• Cellular networks: Cellular networks are used primarily to transmit voice and data over large distances, such as between a smartphone and a cellular tower. Cellular networks also support voice services, such as phone calls and text messages.

Wireless technologies have become an integral part of modern life, with people relying on them to access the internet on the go, to stay connected to family and friends, and to access information on the go. Wireless technologies are becoming increasingly popular and have enabled people to access data and communicate in ways that were previously impossible.

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