Zbot is a type of computer malware, a malicious software program capable of causing damage to the computer it infects. It is also known as Zeus or ZeuS, and is one of the most sophisticated and successful computer Trojans ever developed.

Zbot is a type of bank fraud Trojan and computer virus. It is usually disguised as a seemingly harmless file or program and is designed to steal confidential information from its victims, such as bank account details and passwords. It is usually used by hackers and cyber criminals to steal money from its victims.

In terms of operation, Zbot typically works by making an unauthorized connection to a remote server (usually controlled by a hacker) and downloading an executable file onto the computer. The file then runs on the computer in the background and collects information from the user, encrypts it, and transmits it to the hacker. Zbot can also cause damage to the computer, such as disabling security software, downloading and installing other malware, redirecting web searches, displaying popup advertisements, and more.

Zbot is a difficult malware to detect, as it usually disguises itself as legitimate software or uses encryption technologies to conceal its activities. There are countermeasures available, including anti-virus software, firewalls, and other security measures that can be used to detect and eliminate Zbot infections. It’s also important to use caution when downloading and installing software, only downloading programs from trusted sources.

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