Class-based programming

Class-based programming is a software programming methodology that uses classes to structure data into manageable units, referred to as objects. This method is widely used in the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm and simplifies the development process by enabling developers to create and manage hierarchically related objects. Classes allow coding to be broken down into smaller components, that can be delegated to different developers, written at different times, merged together without prior planning, and reused in different applications.

In class-based programming, the class defines the object’s properties, such as its name, data types, and allowed values and operations. The related methods, or functions, that can be performed on the object are also defined within the class. When an instance of the class is created, it receives all the characteristics of the class, such as its methods and properties. Each instance of the class is an object with its own variables and methods, and can be updated or modified independently. An example of class-based programming is the C++ language, which uses classes and objects to create applications.

An advantage of class-based programming is that classes can be arranged in a hierarchical tree, allowing classes to inherit features from a parent class, enabling further specialization of the object and producing more complex features. Another advantage of class-based programming is that the data and code for each class are kept together, allowing programs to be modular and improving code quality and organization.

In comparison to procedural programming, class-based programming builds higher-level constructs, allowing developers to focus on the application’s logic rather than on the specific instructions of how to implement it. Furthermore, the encapsulation of data and functions within classes allows for better control and organization of code. Consequently, class-based programming makes it easier to maintain and modify code, enabling libraries of pre-written code to be used and widely distributed.

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