IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is a computer storage device interface commonly used for connecting hard drives, optical drives, and other storage devices to a motherboard. IDE was first developed in 1986 by Western Digital, as a more reliable alternative to the earlier drive interface, the ST-506.

IDE was developed as a way to reduce the number of cables used to connect storage devices and the motherboard. It integrated the drive interface and power supply into the integrated circuit, thus reducing the number of parts required and making the connection easier to set up. This also significantly reduced the amount of time it took to connect the parts, as well as their cost.

IDE devices use a small cable that connects the devices to the motherboard. The cable is designed for use with current motherboards, and consists of two 40-pin connectors for data and power. The traditional IDE cable is 40-pins wide and is used on both the device and the motherboard, while modern SATA cables are only 7-pins wide and are used exclusively on the motherboard side.

IDE devices are designed for use with a standard hard drive or optical drive, and can be used with other storage devices such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, and USB flash drives. IDE drives are usually supported by most operating systems, allowing users to use multiple devices without any special configuration. However, the transfer rates of IDE devices have become slower as more storage devices are introduced.

IDE is still widely used in computers today, and is still a very popular interface for connecting hard drives and other storage devices. However, as technology has advanced, IDE is being replaced by the more modern SATA (Serial ATA) interface. SATA is faster and more reliable, and is now the most common interface used for connecting hard drives in computers.

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