Incremental build model

Incremental Build Model is an iterative software development process, which involves repeated development cycles of an individual or team working on small sections or components of software. The ultimate aim of this approach is to build efficient solutions quickly while still retaining the ability to go back and modify the elements with each iteration of development.

The incremental build model is one of the most basic software development methodologies and has been around for decades. It is a cyclic technique which breaks down the development of a larger piece of software into smaller, more manageable components. As development on each component progresses, further features or functionalities can be added or tweaked. During each iteration of the development process, testing also occurs and the current version of the software is released for everyone to use.

In contrast to the ‘big bang’ approach, where the entire project is completed and launched in one fell swoop, the incremental build model is much more flexible and agile in nature. With each build, more features can be tested and evaluated before the core software is released. Additionally, the shorter time cycles mean that problems can be addressed and solved quickly.

Utilizing the incremental build model is often seen as an effective way to reduce risk associated with larger projects. By breaking the development into smaller phases, and testing throughout, potential issues can be quickly identified and addressed. This results in a better end product, and a reduced budget is often realized due to the reduced development time required.

Overall, the incremental build model provides businesses with an effective method of creating high quality and efficient software solutions in shorter time frames. The ability to test elements of the system quickly, and receive user feedback, makes it an effective step in the process of software development.

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