Interpreters are programs used to convert software written in high-level programming languages into code that is understood and executed by the underlying computer system. Interpreters are commonly used to execute programs written in scripting languages such as Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby, as well as code written in assembly language.

Interpreters are typically implemented as either interpreters or compilers. An interpreter translates the source code into code that can be executed by the machine, line-by-line. This approach allows for easy modification, meaning subsequent changes to the source code can be easily incorporated. On the other hand, a compiler translates the source code into a much faster and more efficient form of machine code, but requires the entire program to be recompiled whenever changes are made.

Interpreters have a wide range of uses in computing. They can be used to run web applications, APIs, and programming language-specific game engines. Interpreters can also be used for simulation and analysis of programming languages. Additionally, interpreters are often used for machine learning applications, as they offer a more efficient way to train neural networks compared to compiling code.

Interpreters are widely used in programming today. They are the foundation of most scripting languages and have made significant contributions to improved runtime performance. Additionally, interpreters are a key component in creating secure software systems, as they can detect malicious code more easily than compilers.

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