JupyterHub is an open-source project offering multi-user servers for the popular Jupyter notebook environment. Developed by the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), and launched in 2015, JupyterHub was the first steps towards providing a more efficient way to build and share multiple notebooks in one shared workspace.

Designated to facilitate collaboration, with JupyterHub it is possible to give access to multiple users to securely work on the same notebook simultaneously. This works in terms of a single-user Jupyter notebook server but can scaled to accommodate for groups of users. Thanks to its user authentication system, by producing user accounts each can log-on to a separate session, or to a single session in an environment configured to their specific preferences. In this way every user can work independently within a shared virtual environment that features enhanced core features such as code completion, text formatting and a variety of tools for data analysis.

In terms of extensions, JupyterHub also supports a wide range of applications, for example, Python, R, Julia, JavaScript and many others. Its scalability allows the installation and running of other programs such as code editors, data visualizers and IDEs. Consequently, the platform is favored amongst systems administrators, researchers, developers and students from around the globe.

JupyterHub has experienced continuous support in recent years, with many large corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM leveraging its features. In 2018, the Project Jupyter truly expanded to provide JupyterHub as a cloud-hosted solution, allowing businesses to access the same tools they’ve been using locally in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.

All in all, JupyterHub has grown to become widely adopted technology for working collaboratively, creating code, and analyzing data across the globe. Nowadays, the platform is favored by programming and academic professionals of all tiers.

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