Stalkerware is a type of malicious software, also known as spyware, that is used to monitor users’ digital activities without their knowledge or consent. This type of software is typically installed on a victim’s device or computer in order to track personal information, such as browsing activities, location, and keystrokes.

Stalkerware can be used for a range of malicious activities, including collecting sensitive data, performing identity theft, and even extortion. It is often installed remotely, which allows attackers to track the victim’s online activities and collect their data without detection.

Stalkerware is often used by abusers to stalk their victims. By installing the software on their victims’ devices, abusers can gain access to emails, text messages, photos, and other files that they would otherwise not be able to access. Additionally, the software often allows abusers to track the victim’s location, making it easy to track their movements.

Stalkerware is not solely limited to stalkers—theware can also be used by hackers and online criminals. Hackers can use the software to gain access to sensitive information, while criminals can use the data collected by stalkerware for fraud and identity theft.

Due to the dangerous nature of this type of software, many antivirus and anti-spyware vendors have developed special software that detects and removes stalkerware. Additionally, users should be careful to only download software from reputable sources and use common-sense online security procedures to protect themselves from potential stalkerware attacks.

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