Threat detection and response

Threat Detection and Response is a cybersecurity strategy used to identify, investigate, and respond to security incidents. The approach combines preventative measures, detection, and response techniques to help organizations protect their networks and data from internal and external threats.

Preventative measures involve assessing an organization’s infrastructure for vulnerabilities, deploying defense measures such as firewalls or threat monitoring tools, and monitoring the environment for anomalies or attempts to attack or compromise the system.

Detection techniques are used to detect anomalous activities or malicious activities, and can include network traffic monitoring, application or system behavior monitoring, and malware protection.

In the event of a threat being detected, response techniques must be employed. This may involve alerting key personnel to the incident, containing the threat, eradicating the attack, and restoring normal operation.

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to treat security incidents not merely as one-off occurrences, but as part of an ongoing security management lifecycle. Implementing an effective threat detection and response strategy is essential in defending against the continually evolving threat landscape.

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