VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a computer networking solution that improves the performance of large networks by allowing the sharing of resources and data between users. It creates multiple virtual networks on a single physical network. This allows users to logically segment a single physical network into multiple virtual networks.

Each VLAN is distinct and isolated from other VLANs, as if they were on separate physical networks. Access is restricted from one VLAN to another, improving security. VLANs can be connected to other VLANs, allowing users on multiple locations in the same organization to communicate.

VLANs provide the ability to segment traffic by user group, application, security needs, or other criteria. This makes it easier to make sure that all traffic on the VLAN is legitimate, and it also makes managing the network simpler for network administrators.

VLANs can also be used to reduce the size and complexity of a network, and to simplify the network configuration. This is because each VLAN is self contained, and can be managed independently of other VLANs.

VLANs are typically used in enterprise networks, where data security and performance are of utmost importance. They are also sometimes used in smaller networks, to provide additional segmentation of the network and simplify the network configuration.

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