Are you an internet marketer? Do you need additional protection for your network and devices when browsing online? A data center proxy offers you superior anonymity and security while browsing the web or completing tasks online.

When you browse online, you expose your IP address, the unique identification number for your PC, laptop, or mobile device. Your ISP or cybercriminals can track your movements throughout the web by tracking your IP address.

Fortunately, you can circumvent these trackers by using a proxy service when you go online. A proxy rotates your true IP between other proxy IPs, cloaking your real identity. As a result, you can access geoblocked content, carry out extensive marketing tasks, and avoid anyone discovering your actual IP address.

As we move into the next decade, you can expect internet threats to continue to escalate. Protect your identity and your network by implementing a proxy service for your business. Private proxies are best for businesses, but private individuals can also benefit from using them as well.

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What is a Data Center Proxy?

A data center proxy describes a proxy service that has no affiliation to an internet service provider (ISP). Private corporations offer you private IP authentication services that provide a high level of anonymity while ensuring rapid server response times.

When using proxies, such as shared proxies, you might have to share your proxy with other people. This “shared” proxy offers you decent levels of protection if you’re browsing online or accessing geoblocked content. However, if you’re an internet marketer, then you’ll require a dedicated or private proxy for your work.

Private proxies are much faster than shared proxies. In most cases, using a private proxy might speed up your browser and your downloads as well. The key advantage of using a private proxy for internet marketing is the speed of the connection.

Proxies are also an affordable means of protecting your identity online. You can pick up protection for your online activities for a few cents per proxy. If you’re running campaigns where you have to scrape or harvest a large amount of data, a private proxy is your best choice for unlimited data transfer at high speeds.


A data center describes a building that houses servers, and they can range in the amount of floor space they cover. The data center is responsible for managing and maintaining all of the servers. In some cases, you might find data centers dedicated to a single organization or corporation, but in most cases, the data center houses servers from numerous companies.

The physical hosting of proxy servers in data centers is standard practice, and we have data centers hosting our servers all around the world, from New York to Australia.

The servers in our data centers offer you a fast and stable connection. If you want the best download and browsing speeds, then you need to work with a company that hosts its servers in dedicated data centers. In most cases, you might find that there’s an improvement in your bandwidth and download speed.

Data centers also offer you a backup storage system with RAID configuration, and some use SSD tech in their data centers as well. As a result, you get lightning-quick loading times and fast download speeds.

IP Addresses

One of the most significant advantages of using data center proxies is that the hosting company registers the IPs, not the ISP itself.

With a data center proxy, you get a static IP address that doesn’t change, and it lasts for a month or longer after your purchase.


Datacenter proxies are more diverse than other proxies, due to the range of protocols they support. When signing up for your data center proxy service, make sure that you check that the proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.

As technology advances, so does the level of protection offered by proxies. Today, all data center proxies have 100% anonymity, ensuring that all your data transfers remain private.

You might also hear some people refer to data center proxies as “elite proxies” as well. These proxies offer you the best level of identity protection online (Level 1).

What are the Advantages of Data Center Proxies?

So, why would you consider using a data center hosted proxy instead of a residential proxy? With a data center proxy, you get  ~ 100% uptime. There are no breaks in the connection that leave your IP “naked” for anyone to see.

A data center proxy is also much faster than a residential proxy. You won’t notice any change in your browsing or download speeds, and in some cases, you might even see them improve.

One of the most significant reasons for using a data center proxy is that the IP of the data center remains stable throughout the rental period.

What are the Disadvantages of Data Center Proxies?

One of the most significant downsides of using data center proxies is that target sites can sometimes detect them. If the target site detects that you’re using a data center proxy, it might stop you from accessing the site.

However, it’s important to note that while the site might recognize the data center IP, your real IP remains hidden at all times. These websites pick up your data center IP because it does not have any registration with an ISP.

There’s a quick workaround to this issue. Test your IPs on your target site before you start your marketing or data collection campaign. You might decide to purchase a few proxies from different subnets. However, the same company might own the proxies, allowing the target site to detect your data center proxy.

If you decide to purchase your proxies in bulk, then ask your service provider how many owners (netnames) are behind the IPs. The more there are, the better your chances of remaining undetected. If one company owns all of the IPs, then that leaves a massive digital footprint.

As a second solution, you can split up the required number of IPs between several proxy service providers.

The Two Types of Data Center Proxies

When signing up for a data center proxy service, you’ll notice that there are two offerings for you to select, private proxies and shared proxies. Both of them have unique features, and you need to decide on a service that suits your needs. Let’s unpack the difference between the two.

Private Proxies – Also known as Dedicated or Individual Proxies

When you buy private data center proxies, you’re getting a proxy with no previous user. Only you have access to this proxy, and no-one else. Private proxies have plenty of advantages over shared proxies in terms of speed and the stability of the connection.

When you use a private proxy, you also get higher data transfer limits and better bandwidth than you do with shared proxies. A private proxy offers you more threads or connections, improving your browsing experience.

Since the proxy only has one user at a time, these proxies are the preferred choice for internet marketers. There’s less risk of your target site banning you, allowing you to carry out your tasks without any issues.

However, private proxies also have a higher cost than shared proxies. In most cases, you can pick up shared proxies for as little as $0.02 per proxy. With a private proxy, you can expect to pay $1 or more for each proxy, but you get to use the proxy for an entire month, making it the best choice for marketers.

Private proxies are the ideal identity cloaking tool for long-term tasks where you need to maintain your proxy IP for an extended period, such as scraping eBay or managing social media campaigns. There’s less chance your target website will recognize your IP, giving you more freedom online.

Shared Proxies – Also Known as Semi-Private or Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Shared proxy services provide you with proxies used by three to five people at a time. As a result, you might find that you encounter blocks on specific sites that detect your data center IP address.

However, shared data center proxies are still very useful at protecting your identity online if you’re doing minor tasks, like playing games or transferring files.

Some internet marketers might also find them more affordable than private proxies for generic marketing tasks. Whatever your need for a proxy, there’s one that can help you get the results you want out of your marketing campaigns and your browsing activity.

Most data center private proxies cost you upwards of $1 each. However, with a shared proxy service, you can get proxies for as little as $0.02 each, allowing you to minimize the costs on your marketing campaigns. This saving helps if you’re running a tight budget, but you don’t get the same level of speed, due to multiple users on the proxy.

Most proxy services sell shared data center proxies in bulk. With Proxy Compass, you get thousands of proxies available to you, in packages of up to 50,000 proxies, depending on the service or package you take. We have packages to suit any tasks or activities you conduct online.

Which Data Center Proxy is the Right Choice for You?

Regardless of whether you decide on a private or shared proxy, both of them have the same functionality. Both private and shared proxies protect your identity online, switching your IP address.

It’s up to you to decide which proxy best suits your needs. If you’re an internet marketer looking for reliable proxies for extensive projects, then a private proxy is your best option. Private proxies let you keep your new proxy IP for more than one session.

Therefore, if you’re doing sophisticated marketing campaigns, such as scraping search engines or social media tasks, you can benefit from a private proxy service. You get to keep the IP for a month or more, allowing you to conduct your business while remaining anonymous.

However, if you don’t require a proxy to complete challenging or prolonged tasks, there’s no reason to go to the additional expense of buying private proxies. Shared proxies will work fine, and you can use them to circumvent geoblocked content. There are no issues with watching movies on the US version of Netflix when you’re in the UK.

If speed is a concern, then you might want to think about going with a private proxy. These proxies have no other users, offering you the fastest download and browsing times. If speed is not a concern for you, then a shared proxy will provide you with all the protection you need when playing games, browsing, or downloading files online.

Enhance Your Privacy Online with Our Data Center Hosted Proxy Servers

We value your online security. When you sign up for our proxy services, you’re getting a clean deal. We don’t collect or harvest any of your data, and we don’t keep any session logs. You get a private and secure browsing session from anywhere in the world.

With cybercriminals developing new tools and strategies to penetrate networks, the coming decade offers us plenty of online security challenges. Protecting your identity online is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. By using a data center proxy, you can protect your identity from hackers and even your ISP.

In Closing – Work with the Best Proxy Provider:

When choosing your proxy provider, you need a reputable and reliable firm to handle your proxy needs. We have a collection of datacenter proxy server packages to suit any budget or any marketing strategy.

Choose from our shared data center proxy servers or our private proxy servers for the best results. With prices that are the best online, you won’t find another firm offering the same value that you get with our service for a lower price.

Datacenter proxies are the fastest and most effective proxies available. Protect your identity online and register with us today. At Proxy Compass, we have a selection of private proxies to suit your needs. Contact us today.

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