Are you a resident of Germany? Germany is one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets, pushing out $927-billion in online sales in 2019. With over 60-million internet users, almost everyone in Germany has a connection in their home, or they carry a mobile device connected to the internet.

So, what are you doing to improve your internet security? Every year, manufacturers release many new devices capable of accessing the internet. From laptops to PCs, or mobile devices, Apple or Samsung products, there are dozens of new products available each year.

Most of us secure our device through the use of firewalls, anti-malware, and anti-virus software. However, none of these tools do anything to conceal your IP address.

Your IP address is your digital signature online. When you log onto a website, it checks your IP address. If your connection does not have permission to access the site, then you might get a 404-message on your screen, or the site bans your IP outright.

So, how can you conceal your IP, and protect your identity online? German proxy servers is an answer you’re looking for to provide you with the protection you need while browsing, downloading, or streaming online.


Make Money Online

Do you use the internet to make an income online? There are millions of opportunities available to you to make money using the internet. However, internet marketers and entrepreneurs might find it challenging to execute their strategy on some platforms.

Many marketers choose to scrape platforms like Amazon and eBay for sales intelligence. However, the site will eventually pick up your bot, banning your account form the platform. By using a proxy, you can circumvent these security protocols, allowing you to continue your scraping activities unnoticed.

Proxies are also useful for buying and selling items on classified sites like Craigslist. Many classified advert sites restrict you from buying or selling in your immediate area. If you want to list something for sale in Munich, and you live in Hamburg, the site might not allow you to create a listing.

With a proxy, you can avoid these location controls, allowing you to buy and sell anything you want, anywhere in Germany.


Optimize SEO Campaigns

Improving the SEO of client sites is easier than ever when you use a proxy for your work. SEO campaigns often involve scraping data from the internet using automated tools. Some scraping sessions can take days or even weeks, depending on the extent of the campaign.

The search engines like Google, Bing, and Edge are on the lookout for bots scraping the web for information. If they catch you using an automated scraping tool, they are likely to ban your IP from using the service.

However, by using a proxy, you switch between IPS regularly, avoiding the attention of the search engines, allowing you to continue your campaign undetected.


Grow Your Social Networks

Are you a social media manager? Managing your client accounts can be a hassle, especially if you’re trying to create multiple accounts on a platform. Instagram only permits a single IP to create a maximum of 5-accounts. This restriction hurts internet marketers that are building and flipping accounts or managing multiple accounts on the platform.

It’s the same with Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat as well. The platform will detect your IP managing or creating multiple accounts, and then ban you from the platform. So, how do you get around these draconian controls imposed by the social networks?

A proxy will switch your IP address, allowing you to complete your social marketing duties without banning your accounts or IP address.


Shopping and Proxies

Are you a sneakerhead or a fashion fan looking to buy the latest releases from your favorite brands? When Supreme releases a new sneaker, it sells out in minutes, and the chances of the website letting you buy multiple pairs in non-existent.

Sneaker companies realize that its products are in high demand, and there’s a nation of sneaker-heads that buy and flip shoes for profit. Company’s like Nike and Supreme want to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance at purchasing a pair of limited edition sneakers. Therefore, they might ban your IP if you try to buy more than one pair.

There are specialized proxies built for the purpose of buying new releases. These proxies switch your IP address, allowing you to buy as many pairs as you like, without the site banning you or displaying a 404-message.


Access Geo-Restricted Web Content

If you’re living in Germany, and you’re trying to access geo-blocked content, you’re going to have a tough time. If you’re trying to access a US service, such as the US version of Netflix, then the site will either redirect you to the German Netflix or give you a 404-error message.

By using a proxy, you can circumvent these geo-blocks, allowing you to view the content you want. The same situation works for Germans trying to access German programming or content from outside the country. If you’re an ex-pat living in America, and you want to view German sites, you might experience geo-blocking on your requests.

By using a proxy, you can gain access to the entire internet. You choose what you want to watch, rather than letting a company or organization decide whether or not you can view the content.


Protect Your Privacy with Anonymous Surfing

Germany is part of the “5-eyes” intelligence program, recently expanded into the “14-Eyes” program. The 14-Eyes is a group of nations, including Germany, that monitor all internet activity. This organization tracks what you do online, collecting your data for storage.

By using a proxy, you don’t have to worry about the government tracking your movements online. The proxy conceals your real IP address, keeping you out of view of the prying 14-eyes.


Choose the Best Proxy Provider

It’s important to note that not all proxy service providers are equal in the service they offer you. Choose to work with a reputable company that gives you verified proxies that work. By adding a proxy to your private network at home or in the office, you get more control over your activities online.

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