Active learning

Active learning is a learning methodology that involves a learner performing activities or tasks that incorporate technology-based methods for better understanding a subject. The idea is that the learner is continuously engaged with the subject material, rather than taking a passive role of merely absorbing information, like in traditional educational environments. Examples of active learning include the use of simulations or game-based activities, powerful multitask tools, and collaborative projects.

Active learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, largely due to the proliferation of technology in the classroom. Since its inception, this method of learning has been used to teach programming, design, coding, web-development, and other technology-based skills. Additionally, it has been employed in educational settings in mathematics, reading, and the sciences.

An active learning environment strives to engage students in the learning process by providing personalized learning experiences. As students learn to utilize technology in order to engage with the material they’re studying, they develop the ability to think critically, problem-solve, collaborate, and practice their organizational skills. While active learning continues to gain momentum in academic settings, it is also being implemented in business and industry for employee training.

At its core, active learning encourages learners to take ownership of their education. It is an interactive process where the learner actively participates in their own learning, enabled by technology to explore and collaborate beyond the traditional classroom.

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