Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Central Processing Unit (also referred to as CPU, Central Processing Unit, processor, or microprocessor) is an integrated circuit that acts as the main processor for computers and mobile devices. It performs basic arithmetic, logic, control, and input/output operations that form the core of computer activities.

In modern computing, a CPU is found on virtually every electronic device, such as servers, phones, and even microwaves. CPUs are organized in a multi-core setup for improved performance. Each core acts like an individual processor.

A CPU is the brain of a computing system in that it takes instructions from a program and performs the operations from the instruction. These operations are performed at the electrical level, making CPUs indispensable components for tasks such as gaming, 3D rendering, and other intensive tasks.

Common CPUs come from the brands Intel and AMD. Over the years, these companies develop new CPU models to improve the speed, performance, and power efficiency with each iteration. For example, a powerful desktop CPU today would have been impossible to find a few years ago.

The CPU technology of today has come a long way from its first inception and continues to improve with each passing year. With the advances in semiconductor technology, CPUs are now able to handle more operations than ever before. For those looking for the best performance out of a computing device, the importance of a powerful CPU in it cannot be emphasized enough.

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