Class is a basic concept of computer programming which refers to a collection of attributes and methods which are combined to create an object. An object is a digital representation of something, such as a person, animal, or car. The class is the blueprint which is used to create the object, and it determines what attributes and methods an object will have and how those attributes and methods will interact with each other.

Classes provide a way for developers to easily create and share objects in a consistent manner without having to manually set up their individual variables and functions each time. By using classes, developers are able to create a library of objects which can be used throughout their projects. This makes it much easier for them to develop code and reduce the amount of time needed to create new objects for their projects.

Classes are typically defined in a programming language, such as Java or C++. They typically include a set of attributes and methods which can be used to create and manipulate an object. In addition to attributes and methods, classes can contain other classes, such as those used for modelling inheritance.

Classes are an important part of object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is a programming paradigm which views a computer program as a collection of objects that act on each other to create a desired outcome. By creating classes, developers can easily create and reuse objects throughout their projects, making development faster and more efficient.

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