Client-server network

Client-server network is a distributed computer network architecture that utilizes two or more distinct physical entities, namely the server and the client, to communicate with each other. In this architecture, the server provides services such as file storage, remote access, or dedicated application hosting in exchange for client requests. The client is typically a dedicated computing device or software that transmits requests to the server and receives the server’s response.

The client-server model is the most popular type of distributed communication architecture. It is commonly used to deliver certain services or applications over the Internet, such as web browsing, email, streaming video, file sharing, and online gaming. This model is also frequently used to build local area networks (LANs) and other private networks, providing an efficient and secure way of transmitting data between two or more computers.

The client-server relationship is similar to a telephone call between two connected parties. The server is the one who initiates the connection and the client is the one who responds. The communication protocol, or language used to route requests and responses, is specified in advance. The server also notifies the client of any changes to the data that occurs on the server or any other alerts that it needs to convey.

The client-server relationship is beneficial because of its flexibility. While the server provides a standard platform for delivering services or applications, the client can be customized to meet the individual user’s needs. This type of architecture also enhances security as the server is responsible for authentication, authorization, and encryption of the data.

Overall, the client-server network architecture is an efficient and secure way of connecting computers or devices. Through its advantages, a wide range of services can be delivered in an efficient and secure manner.

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