Computer graphics

Computer graphics is the creation and manipulation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images using computer technology. Computer graphics are used in a wide range of applications including animation, image and sound production, scientific visualization, video games and education.

Computer graphics are created using a range of techniques with the help of specialized hardware and software. In two-dimensional graphics, principles of optics, mathematics and visual perception are used to produce computer-generated images. In three-dimensional graphics, geometrical models are used to create and manipulate computer-generated objects and scenes.

Computer graphics are created using computer hardware such as graphics cards, processors and memory. Specialized software can be used to create and manipulate computer graphics. This includes 3D modeling software, compositing software and animation software.

Computer graphics are used in a variety of fields such as advertising, animation, architecture, automotive design, cartography, engineering, medical imaging, motion graphics, photography, product visualization, scientific visualization, simulations and video games.

Computer graphics are used to enhance the user experience in the modern world. From the graphics used in desktop publishing to the animation and games used in video games, computer graphics are part of the everyday experience of a variety of industries and applications.

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