Hacktivist is a type of computer hacker that engages in online political activism. By engaging in such actions, they attempt to bring more attention to issues of social justice and civil rights. Hacktivists may use various tactics to bring awareness to a cause, such as taking control of websites, launching sophisticated cyber-attacks, or posting sensitive documents online.

The term was first popularized in 1995 when Ralph Abele, an American cyber-activist, launched an online campaign to end state-sponsored censorship in his native country of Israel. Since then, hacktivism has become a powerful form of internet protest all around the world.

Unlike other hacking activities, hacktivists typically do not seek to steal or damage data. Instead, they strive to spread important messages and create awareness of certain issues. They use subversive messaging and tactics to capture the public’s attention and draw more eyeballs to their cause. Notable examples include Anonymous’ Op Ferguson in 2015, which focused on the racial tensions in the United States, and the Syrian Electronic Army’s hacking of several Western news outlets in 2013.

Hacktivism is often controversial. While some applaud it for promoting civil engagement, others criticize it for its various legal and ethical implications. In particular, there has been debate about the distinction between hacktivism as a form of free speech and cyber-crime as an act of civil disobedience.

Although hacktivism has been around for two decades, its effects are only now being recognized as mainstream as more and more people are turning to digital platforms as a means of protest. As a result, hacktivism is no longer an exceptional form of protest; rather, it has become a normal part of the global political landscape.

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