Information architecture (IA) is a field of practice that deals with the structure and organization of information. It involves the development of models and frameworks for representing information systems. It is closely related to the fields of user experience (UX), interaction design, and usability engineering.

IA is concerned with the design of systems to support the interpretation of information within an application or computer system. Information architecture forms the foundation of how applications, websites, and software products are intuitively designed and structured. IA focuses on the ordering and labeling of content so that users can easily find the information they need and interpret it accurately.

IA organizes the structure of a website or application to help enhance the user experience by making it easy to navigate and comprehend the content. IA can also involve the design of complex information systems and the interrelationships between different parts of a system. This includes the development of classification systems, the structure of databases, and the architecture of computer networks.

IA tools include wireframes, user scenarios, storyboards, and flow diagrams that help visualize the structure of the application. These tools allow designers to understand and explore how different types of content relate to each other, allowing developers to plan out the optimal structure and organization of the product before the build or coding begins.

Information architecture is also used to structure and categorize information in documentation and instructional materials such as manuals, help files, and user guides. It is an important consideration in designing websites, applications, and products to ensure that the user experience is enhanced and that the information is easily found and interpreted.

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