Server is a piece of network hardware that is used to provide a service to other devices on the same network, such as access to the internet or for sharing of files between computers. Servers can be dedicated to a single task, such as web hosting, or employed in a cluster setup for greater reliability or performance. Servers typically run specialized software, enabling them to provide better network services than general-purpose computers.

Servers typically have more powerful hardware than other computers on the network, such as faster processors, more RAM, and more hard drive space, allowing them to handle more requests at the same time. They are often designed with redundant components, such as power supplies and network connections, for increased reliability. Servers usually run an operating system dedicated to hosting services, such as Windows Server or Linux.

Server hardware may be purchased in a pre-configured bundle by manufacturers, or users can build their own servers from individual components. Server software can be customized with system management tools and applications to meet the needs of the individual user.

Servers are used by individuals, businesses, and government organizations to provide services to multiple devices, such as hosting web pages, providing online applications, and managing domain names. They are the backbone of data infrastructure and enable large-scale computing tasks.

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